What’s new in v3.2.0


Mobitru login process and UI have updates to comply with GDPR and SOC2 Type 2 certification: now the platform does not keep your private data due to the integration with EPAM Access.

Login page on Mobitru

The EPAM employees still have Personal accounts. Thus, if you are from EPAM, you should choose “Continue with EPAM”.

For other users, the following flow exists: a Team manager invites a teammate, who should follow the link from the invitation to register. In the following sessions, you should type the registered email into the “Use your personal or corporate email” field.

End User Terms

All the users need to accept End User Terms owing to the changes in the Login process. The page contains one more new detail: Subscribe to newsletters checkbox.

Subscription checkbox

You can choose the checkbox to receive our release notes, surveys, and other helpful information. To unsubscribe, you can always send an email to support@mobitru.com.

Access key

If you use such features as local tunneling or proxy, run automation tests on Mobitru devices, or use the Mobitru API, you should pay attention to the updated section – API access key.

API access key section

In addition to a fresh design, there are the following changes in the generation process:

  • Several keys for different purposes.
  • Keys without an expiration date.
  • Securer: the secret part is not shown to users.


After the v3.2.0 release, you need to take into account the following actions to use the Mobitru features:

  1. Re-generate an access key, old ones will not work anymore.
  2. Book devices one more time.Bookings and workspaces set before the release were removed.
  3. Slugs for PERSONAL accounts changed for automation and API calls. Earlier, users who used the features under Personal accounts used slugs like “name_surname”. Now these slugs should be changed to the word “personal”. For example:

Earlier: /api/v1/billing/unit/john_ivanov/...
Now:  /api/v1/billing/unit/personal/...

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