Platform features overview


You can find the Account information in the top right corner after login. If you are assigned to several teams, you can switch their accounts here.

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Device icon

You can see all the available and occupied devices in the Devices tab. To find a device, you can use filtering and sorting options.


You can add a device to Favorites. For this, you need to mark it with a star sign in the Devices tab. The device will be placed in the Favorites tab then.

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Premium devices

Premium device icon

The newest and most popular devices are marked as Premium ones. You can find them in the special section in the Card view or check the crown icon on the status label.


Check how much time you or your team spend on testing, and what devices are popular among your teammates. All this is in the Statistics tab.

Statistics icon


Bookings icon

You can book a device so that it will wait for you at the required moment. During the booking, the device’s information does not clean. Moreover, you can share your booking with your team to work together on the booked device.


The Mobitru platform has integration with Espresso, XCUITest, Vividus, and Appium for testing native, hybrid and web applications on iOS and Android. We support automation solutions based on Selenium 4. To find out more about automation on the Mobitru platform, click here.

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Support icon

We have the Support menu where you can find additional information about the platform. Or you can contact

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