What’s new in v3.3.0

Accessibility testing

Mobitru Android devices support Screen readers (TalkBack, Voice Assistant, etc.). After enabling the feature in the device settings, gestures change to the accessibility mode: swipes to the right and left change a focus and a double tap activates an action of an element. You can find 1-finger and 2-finger gestures in the Accessibility menu item. Moreover, you can hear what the system pronounces for a focused UI elements.

Accessibility on Mobitru Android device

New OS versions

Android 14 and iPhone 16.4+ devices are available on the platform.

Android 14 devices:

  • Google Pixel 6
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro

iPhones 16.4+ devices:

  • iPhone 12 Mini – 16.6
  • iPhone 13 Prod – 16.6
  • iPhone XR – 16.5

Demo apps

Mobitru demo apps are available on GitHub. The applications are prepared for native iOS and Android and for Flutter. The applications include a wide range of features: login screen, editing text fields, adding, and editing items in the basket, completing an order, Biometric authentication, and QR/Barcode scanning. You can use them for manual and automation tests. Automation covers Appium, XCUITest and Espresso. We will appreciate your comments on the GitHub site, or you can contact support@mobitru.com.

Settings window

The updated Settings window provides more information about a device: now you can see versions of installed browsers. Also, the booking feature is available right from the window.

Updated Settings window providing additional info about a device and Booking feature

Sound in browsers

The sound feature is provided for Android browsers now. You should enable the Sound toggle before a device session starts to hear your website audio. The update is applicable for devices running Android 11 and higher.

Team management

Two new features appeared for the Team page:

  • Pagination will appear if your team includes more than 50 people.
  • Search by email.

Filter by location for automation tests

We added a possibility to filter devices by location via the Mobitru API. You can define from what data center to use devices – CIS or EU.

An example of the request: …/automation/api/device/ios?dc=EU.

API documentation for the location filtering

Booking API

A new parameter is obligatory for scheduling a booking via the Mobitru API: offset. The parameter represents your time zone information in minutes. An example for UTC+3 is “offset”: -180.

Offset parameter for scheduling a booking.


Filtering by OS version has a convenient improvement: the versions are listed from the newest to the oldest.

iOS Operating system filter

Local tunneling for dedicated Android devices

Local tunneling and Proxy features are now working for Android devices dedicated to teams.

Resolution fix for Samsung devices

On Samsung devices, where users can choose Screen resolution between HD+, FHD+ and WQHD+, the Screen zoom value is adjusted to the WQHD+ during the reset. Now the values are correct, and UI elements do not look gigantic. Examples of the devices where you could face the issue: Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Resolution and Screen zoom fix for Samsung devices

Resolution and viewport fix for iPhone devices

iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini had incorrect resolution and viewport values. Now the models have the values they should:

  • Resolution: 2340×1080
  • Viewport: 812×375

Log fix for automation

If you run multiple automation tests, the log information is now fully displayed, although it used to be partially cut.

Lock screen fix

Some devices (Xiaomi Redmi 5, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1) remained locked when you started a session on them. You could unlock the screen manually, but it blocked automation tests. Now the action happens right after the session start.

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