Mobitru Connect UI mode elements

After downloading and installing Mobitru Connect, double click on the application to run it in the UI mode. The UI mode has the following elements:

Mobitru Connect UI mode elements.
  1. Android and/or iOS icons

They indicate whether anything is missing on your PC for successful work of the application features. If you see that anything is missing, the icon will have a red check mark. Then hover over the icon and check the instruction.

Mobile platform indicators.
  1. Your access key field

You need to insert a value generated in the API access key page. The value is not saved if you close the Mobitru Connect application. You can always generate a new key or save the current in a safe storage.

Access key generating for Mobitru Connect.
  1. Device UDID/Serial number field

Choose a device where you are going to work on. You need to copy its UDID or Serial number and paste it to the field.

  1. Mobitru hostname field

By default, the field has the “” value. If you are working on a device on this instance, leave “” in the field.

  1. Toggles:
  • Remote debugging toggle allows debugging native and hybrid applications on Mobitru devices.
  • Local tunneling toggle allows working with your local server on Mobitru devices.
  1. Proxy URL field

Allows working with such tools as Charles Proxy, Fiddler, etc. The field has a placeholder of your localhost and port that is configured in a used tool. If the values are the same for you, type the value from the placeholder.

  1. Buttons:
  • Exit: closes the desktop application.
  • Show logs: opens an additional window with the application logs. Here you can see debug logs by enabling the Include debug logs toggle.
Log window in Mobitru Connect.
  • Start: initiates a chosen option.
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