Device identifiers

Every device has its unique identifier. Here are some examples of when you will need the ID: you want to configure Remote debugging, Local tunneling or Proxy, or you have faced a problem on a device and want to report it to the Mobitru team.

UDID and Serial number

Identifiers are the following depending on the OS:

  • iOS – UDID
  • Android – Serial number

How to find an identifier on the platform

There are the following places on Mobitru where you can take a UDID or Serial number value:

  1. Detail view

You need to open the Detail view of the Devices or Favorites tabs and check the UDID/Serial number columns.

UDID column in the Detail view
  1. Settings

You need to click on a device in the Card or Detail view to open the Settings window. Here you can find the UDID and Serial number fields.

Serial number field in Settings
  1. URL of a device in a session

When you start a device session, the ID of the device is placed in the URL.

UDID/Serial number value in URL.
  1. Info tab

One more place in the Device area where you can find the ID is the Info tab.

UDID/Serial number field in the Info tab in the Device area.
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