Team management

You can check who is included in the team list when you work under your Team account on Mobitru. You need to click on the Account menu and select Team. In the brackets, you can see how many people the Team account contains.

Team in the Account menu

After opening the Team page, you will see a table containing the following columns:

  • User;
  • Email;
  • Role.
Team page on Mobitru

The User column contains a teammate’s name and surname.

If a person has never logged in to Mobitru and was added to the Team account, their record will have the following information in the columns till the first login:

  • Invited <Date> instead of name and surname;
  • User Id instead of email;
  • Role.

You can sort the information in the columns: click on a column header to see changes.

For teams that contain more than 50 members, the pagination presents at the bottom of the page. Note that sorting happens in the table on the opened page only.

Pagination on the Team page

Team roles

People added to the Team can have one of the roles: manager or member.

  • Members have read-only access to the list.
  • Managers can add or remove users or edit their roles.

Several people can be appointed to the Manager role. The Mobitru platform does not have a limitation regarding the number of managers or members.

Manager’s buttons

Add user

After clicking on Add user, a manager sees the Add user window with 2 fields:

  • Email;
  • Role.
Add user window

Note that if you add a user who is not an EPAM employee, an additional field will appear – Account ID. Contact to get more information about this.

As soon as you fill in all the fields, the Add button becomes enabled. Moreover, you can choose Cancel at any moment to stop adding to the account.

The Mobitru platform does not have a limitation regarding the number of people in the Team account.

Remove user

If a user is not a member of a project anymore, a manager should remove them. For this, click on the Remove user button and confirm the removal.

Remove user confirmation

Edit user

If you need to change someone’s role, you can choose the Edit user button. In the Edit user window, you can change the Role field.

Edit user window


To search for a user in the Team account, you need to enter the whole email and click on the Search user button.

Search for a user in the Team account

If an email is not in the Team account, you will see an error “Error: Email not found”.

Error when an email is not found in the Team account
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