Initial configuration

Mobitru implements infrastructure to support, scale, and integrate your Appium tests with minimal effort. To point your Appium tests against devices from Mobitru, you must change Appium URL in your driver and install the certificate so Appium Driver can communicate with Mobitru over HTTPS.

  • Please, read more about Appium
  • Also, look at the REST API we provide to integrate with CI or Test Automation Framework.
Access key

You can generate an Access key using the following instruction – Access key

Run Appium tests against Mobitru over HTTPS

  • Point your Appium driver to Mobitru
    • https://EPM-TSTF:${your_access_token}
  • Example for Appium Java client
    • new IOSDriver(new URL("https://EPM-TSTF:" + ACCESS_TOKEN + ""), capabilities);

Details about Appium tests

Read more about Appium Desired Capabilities

Application under test (for Appium test run)
  • Appium uses “app” Desired Capability to install and launch app from the same host where Appium running. Because your Appium tests and Mobitru are distributed, Desired Capability “app” is currently ignored. Appium session for native and hybrid apps should be started with Desired Capability for the pre-installed app.
  • Therefore, before running the Appium test, please install the application under test using REST API, and then in Desired Capabilities define “bundleId” for iOS and “appActivity” and “appPackage” for Android.
  • To run Appium tests for Web App in Chrome or Safari, please set Desired Capability “browserName”
  • In future releases, we will support the “app” Desired Capability.
How it works
  • Devices are found and taken in usage automatically according to Desired Capabilities you set when creating Appium Driver, e.g. “platformName”, “platformVersion”, “deviceName”, “udid”. If “udid” is not passed, then the first available device that matches other capabilities will be taken. The session will not be created if there are no available devices.
    • For example, if you want to run on any iOS device you can just set in your desired capabilities platformName = iOS
    • Setting “platformVersion”, “deviceName”, “udid” only reduces the search to find a more specific device.
    • You may use Booking REST API to reserve the device
    • Or “Book” device from UI
  • Once driver.quit() were called, the session will be terminated and the device released
    • To force release the device please use REST API
    • The session will be terminated if there is no activity within 5 minutes after the last command.
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