The Devices and Favorites tabs have filters to manage devices. The filters are available in the Card and Detail views when at least one device is in the tab.

The filters keep chosen values when you start/close a device or switch a tab. If you close a tab or log out, the filters clear.

By default, all the filtering options are hidden in the Filters button next to the Search by device name field:

Search field and Filters

You can click on Filters to open the options:

Filter devices by the following options:

  • Device type: choose what device type you need – Phone or Tablet.
  • OS version: open the drop-down to choose the required OS version.
  • Resolution.
  • Viewport.
  • DPI.
  • Location: choose a location where a device is physically kept – CIS or EU.

All the values displayed in the filters correspond to the devices presented in Mobitru. For example, if no device has an OS version, this value will not be in the filter.

The Filters button has a counter: it appears when you choose or enter a value in a filter and corresponds to the number of selected values. Thus, if you see the counter, filtering is applied. “Search by device name” is not included in the counter.

Counter when a filter is used

If there are no search results, a message appears: “No luck, couldn’t find anything. Please try changing your search.”

No found devices message

Clear all

When you selected several filters and you need to reset them, click on Clear all button:

Clear all button.
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