Devices tab

The Devices tab contains devices available for usage.

Watch the video overview of the tab on our YouTube channel:


The tab has two views: Card and Detail. To change a view, you need to click on the View switcher:

Device view switcher

Card view

The devices are presented as card blocks in the Card view. The view is divided into three sections:

  • Premium – the newest and most popular devices
  • Available – all other devices that are not busy
  • Occupied – devices being in use or booked

You can perform the following actions in the Card view:

Actions a user can perform in the Card view

Detail view

The Detail view represents devices as rows containing additional information and actions.

Detail view

To work with a device in the Detail view, you can choose one of the ways:

  • Hover over a device row and choose a button
Actions on hover
  • Click on the kebab menu and choose an action from there
Actions in Kebab menu
  • Click on a device row to choose an action from the Settings window.

Operating systems

In the Devices tab, you can check what Operating systems the Mobitru devices have.

Card view: check an OS under the device model.

Operating system in the Card view

Detail view: check an OS in the OS version column.

OS versions column in the Detail view
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