Settings window

The Settings window shows helpful device information in a convenient card. You can enable the Sound feature here, start a device, resume your session, Add/Remove a favorite, or schedule a booking.

Device settings window that provides additional information

How to open Settings

You can use any option to open the Settings window:

  1. Click on a device card in the Card view.
  2. Click on a device row in the Detail view.
  3. Click on the Settings button when you hover over a device in the Card or Detail view.
  4. Open the Kebab menu and choose Settings.

Device information

You can check the following information about Mobitru devices in the Settings window:

Also, a Premium label is placed next to the device name if a device is in the list of Premium devices.

Actions from the Settings window

You can interact with a device from Settings in the following way:

  • Start/Resume a session.
  • Add/Remove a favorite.
  • Book a device.
  • Enable the sound feature before the session start.

If you click on Cancel, the Setting window will close. The Device sound toggle will reset to the default turned-off state if you have enabled it.

How to copy a value

Two fields provide a possibility to copy their value in the Settings window: UDID/Serial number and Build ID/Version. To copy a value, hover over the field and click on Copy:

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