Welcome to Mobitru autotests documentation!
Here you can find information for testing your native mobile application or a website.

Before testing

Please perform the initial configuration before starting test automation activities in the Mobitru.

Using Appium you can test your Android or iOS native application.
Also, it’s possible to verify any website on available devices in Mobitru.
For now, it has clients for many programming languages, which allows to use of the most popular frameworks like:


Here is how to run the first test:

Using the Espresso framework you can write fast and reliable tests for an Android native application.
Here is how to run your existing tests – Run Espresso tests.

Using the XCTest framework you can quickly write maintainable tests without flakiness for an iOS native application.
Here is how to run your existing tests – Run XCUI tests.

Patrol is a powerful, open-source testing framework for Flutter apps.
Patrol builds on top of Flutter’s existing test tooling to enable things like interacting with permission dialogs, notifications, and much more.
Here is how to run your existing tests – Run Patrol tests.

VIVIDUS is a test automation tool that provides already-implemented solution for testing of most popular application types.
The main approach is based on separate plugins for every app type, which includes websites and mobile native applications.
More information regarding Vividus Mobitru plugin can be found here

Other documentation

Debug your web application directly from Device – Web Developer Tools.
We also support the Appium Inspector, which is a GUI assistant tool for Appium and provides visual inspection of the application under test.
You can find detailed instructions on how to start an App inspection here.

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